Interactive video

B. Kharitonyevskiy lane 24/11
Moscow, Russia
The latest technology of world cinema. The unique format allows the viewer to decide exactly what he sees on the screen.

The viewer can choose the actions of the main character with the help of free application CtrlMovie, which is pre-installed on his smartphone. The counting of votes is carried out instantly through the wifi network and the film develops in the way the mathematical majority of the visitors of the session voted. Seven unpredictable finals, and only one happy-end. What will be to the hero today is decided only by the viewers of the "Night Game".
We have distributed The LateShift movie in Russia in 2017. Today CNM represents the technology of interactive cinema (CtrlMovie) in Russia. CtrlMovie ® allows you to create new interactive video products using specialized software and technological know-how.


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B. Kharitonyevskiy lane 24/11
Moscow, Russia